Track & Trace – an essential component of future logistics
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Customer wants:
to know the time of courier's arrival
to connect courier or seller directly
to send feedback immediately
to see details of the order
What is Atlas Track & Trace?
contact retailer or courier directly
manage their order easily
rate the service and give an instant feedback on delivery
Track & Trace is an Atlas Delivery tool, which allows the customer to track an order location online and provides full information about the order status. Let your customers:
How does Atlas Track & Trace work?
The customer receives a SMS with a link
The customer sees accurate time of delivery and tracks order's location on a map
All information about the order is available online
The customer can cancel or change the order
The customer can get in touch with seller and courier directly or book a callback
The customer rates the delivery and writes the feedback
Benefits for customers:
transparent delivery process, without nerve-racking and wasted time
they can pay and manage the order in one click
they can plan their time and save it on calls
they can easily leave a feedback or review
Benefits for retailers:
less order cancellations
save call-centre time
can control how couriers communicate with customers
calm and happy customers
Track & Trace launch effects
the amount of customers calls about the order reduces by 54%
share of negative reviews decreases by 37%
couriers spend 27% less time on waiting for the customer
customer feedback on delivery increases from 5% to 63%
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