Why did we designed Atlas?
We created Atlas Delivery to enable any business to gain customer's loyalty with the most convenient flexible and transparent delivery service without spending lots of efforts and resources
In a few years, a business will have to deal with millennials, who prefer to consume online. To meet their desire to have what they want when they want in the place they want, we designed for businesses powerful and transparent delivery management system. To help businesses transform their logistics to the new level we united the extremely experienced and talented team.
Oleg Kraus, Atlas Delivery Founder & CEO
Atlas Timeline
First version of B2B platform based on GPS CargoOnline Lab
Developing B2C deliveries platform based on mobility
Launched first project on B2C platform in the UK
Developing an internal B2B deliveries platform for major grocery retailer
Started developing platform 2.0: CargoOnline Lab gets a new name Atlas Delivery
Launch of Atlas Chain, the Digital Logistics Operator 3.0
Developing Atlas Delivery 4.0
Atlas Management
Estonian and Russian entrepreneur with 15 years experience in the development of successful projects across IT, logistics, transportation management, and mobile technologies. Oleg is a founder of 5 profitable businesses with the expertise of putting projects on IPO and opening headquarters in 24 countries of Europe, Asia, South America.

Tech-visioner with a long-term vision of IT in the transportation and deep understanding of key market demands, Oleg develops and successfully performs strategy of Atlas Delivery scaling. Oleg is a frequent speaker at significant industry events.

Oleg Kraus
Daria has vast experience in successful RnD management and PM teams with more than 50 participants in such companies as Megafon and Lamoda. In Atlas, she is responsible for the creation and implementation of a unified product's concept of a logistic system. Daria has wide experience as a speaker at international conferences and business missions.
Daria Ryabchikova
Managing Director &
Product Director
Experienced strategists, analyst, financier with experience of holding, more than 30 IPO/SPO/M&A in the fields of IT, biotechnologies, oil and gas, and metallurgy. Specialized in ECM, IPO, SPO, LBO, MBO, Private Placement, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Venture Capital, Innovation Management, Forecasting IT Technology, metals&mining, oil&gas.
Alexey Kurasov
Financial Director &
Development Director
Oleg is an expert in customer relationships development with more than 10 years of experience in IT projects. In Atlas Oleg builds attentive communication with Atlas partners (Microsoft, Skolkovo, etc) and clients, helps companies to improve their logistics processes and provide excellent customer experience. With other team members, Oleg develops customized it-solution in last-mile delivery and freight for the company's' needs and manages its implementation.
Oleg Orlov
Business Development
10 years as tech lead and architect in several B2B cloud services in accounting and last mile deliveries management, one of which was processing 20 000+ clients. In Atlas Timur is responsible for IT architecture and development team work.
Timur Nagaev
CTO & Architect
10 years in customer relationships and marketing campaigns management for the largest private bank in Russia, major FMCG brands with 5 mln+ customers and premium retailers with 500+ shop. In Atlas Alina is responsible for marketing strategy and partnerships.
Alina Yakovleva
Marketing Director
Elizabeth and her team know how to make Atlas Delivery's use maximum comfortable for clients. In Atlas Elizabeth is responsible for fast solving of any questions and developing attentive relationships with all system users. Has 6+ years of experience in IT-support and accounting for major banks.
Elisabeth Fox
Head of Customer Support & Accounting
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