Atlas Track & Trace
excellent delivery experience for your customers
reduce number of canceled orders
improve customer experience
receive feedback and measure NPS
control contractors and service quality
What Atlas Track&Trace can do for your business?
delivery tracking & order management tool for customers
Atlas Track&Trace
service for excellent customer experience & raise of the number of buyings on delivery stage for business
Atlas Track&Trace
How do Atlas Track&Trace works?
Сustomer receives a SMS with a link to webpage
Customer chooses delivery date & time
Customer sees exact time of arrival and connects courier or retailer directly
Customer can cancel or change the order
Customer tracks the delivery online 30 mins before arrival
Customer rates the delivery and writes the feedback
What benefits does it bring for business?
Less idle deliveries: customer can change the delivery time or cancel order

More deliveries per day: couriers spends less time for customers waiting

Less calls to customers service: customers track deliveries online

Less negative reviews: you get feedback and solve problems immediately

Best delivery service: you control delivery service and your contractors
Excellent customers experience increases number of orders and repeat purchases
20% NPS increase
17% less canceled orders on delivery stage
customer feedback on delivery increases from 5% to 63%
share of negative reviews decreases by 37%
Customers' reviews
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I try Atlas Track&Trace on a small number of orders first?
Yes, you can try this tool with any number of orders, or one shop, or small delivery area, etc. The pilot duration varies from 3 to 12 weeks and depends on the specific hypotheses that the business wants to test. This is enough to conclude if Atlas Track&Trace useful for your business.
How do I understand that the pilot was successful?
Before each project, we do workshops with a business where we find out how the delivery process is organized and what results the company would like to achieve. Then we approve specific metrics by which we determine the pilot's success. For example, such metrics can be an increase in NPS, a decrease in the number of canceled orders at the delivery stage, a decrease in the number of telephone calls to a call-center and many others.
Can Atlas Track&Trace be integrated into our mobile app?
Yes, Atlas Track&Trace can be easily integrated to your commercial app
How many resources of our IT-department will be needed to start?
Atlas Track&Trace launches with minimal participation of inner IT-department.
Does the customer need to download/install something to use it?
Customer doesn't need to download or install any app. To use Atlas Track&Trace he simply needs to follow the link to the web-page from SMS, that he receives in SMS at order stage.
How long does the launch take?
Set up project consist of 1-2 workshops with business (1-2 days), delivery process audit by Atlas team and conception approval (1 week), and tech set up and employee training by Atlas team (from 1 week). So minimal launch time is 2.5 weeks.
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