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Hey! Check out our solution that grows repeat purchases 2.5 times.
2.5 times?
Yep! By improving your delivery and offering your customers the best service
Grow revenue through delivery? Seriously?
Aha! We automating and optimizing all logistics processes
You're cutting logistics costs by 30%.
Your customers get same day delivery, Uber-like tracking, a live-chat with you
They love this WOW-service and coming back
Any success stories?
Our clients' Transvalair (UK), Victoria Plum (UK), Leroy Merlin (Rus), Sedrus and others'
Reduce negative feedback about delivery from 78% to 34%
Ok, what is this magical solution?
1267% less returned due to delivery orders during 6 months from launch
The cloud-based system to manage delivery
Order management to upload, check and allocate orders among drivers automatically
Control each delivery online. Besides Atlas predicts and prevents failures.
Go on
Planning best possible routes
You get digital delivery proofs instantly
Isn't it pricey? And takes a time to start
And that is how your customers see where their orders are
Not at all! Test it in 15 days for free
If I'd like to try, what should I do?
Start with 10 deliveries. We need only a couple of week for set up.
Just book your trial here
Nice, see you soon then
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And here are a happy panda for those who have read it to the end
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